Thierry Alen

„Success isn’t found in conformity. The true innovation always comes with a bit of rebellion.”


Business IT consultant & business developer


Are you asking yourself these questions within your company?

Is our technology strategy aligned with our overall business objectives?

Do we evaluate our IT solutions frequently and keep them updated?

How well is our IT aligned with our day-to-day operations?

Are we staying ahead of tech advancements of nowadays?

Do we have functional marketing and sales strategy?

Is our sales team able to sell our solutions and products efficiently?

Forget about the nonsense consultancy

Let’s dive into the actual questions and problems your company might be facing and find the optimal solution tailored to meet your company’s needs.

DAVID BARLOW Director at Esprit Digital Interactive Lt

Thierry is one of those rare people in business known as „a creative thinker”. He brings a deep knowledge of his subject and a lateral view of how that knowledge might be applied. Thierry will be a tremendous asset to any business that operates outside the ‘me too’ business model that is increasingly bringing the electronic security industry to a commodity industry.

John Ketelaars Owner Intelectric Network Solutions

Over the years I have come to know Thierry as a driven person with a lot of knowledge of the services and products in his package. He is extremely communicative, speaks four languages and knows how to attract customers in his own unique way. Thierry is very social and compassionate: a real people person. I am pleased that our collaboration has been successful for more than seventeen years, time and again.

Cathelijne Vos Business Transformation Consultant

Thierry is not your average sales guy. His unorthodox appraoch and out of the box thinking makes him succesful in tough markets. Apart from that, his sense of humor and positive nature make him a pleasure to work with.